Thorn St. Brewery, must stop and enjoyable place

I decided to try some beers at the Thorn St. Brewery. First was Bohemian pilsner. It was quite drinkable but bland. Second was Pale ale. It was subtly bitter. Stout was tasty. Third was Red iPad, it tasted more butter, subtly. Then I also tried Session IPA. It was very good. Also, Agave amber was a great in chocolate flavor. I tried Coconut porter, it was just okay. Lastly was American strong, it was good but hard to call it a beer.

The location at 3176 Thorn Street was up until early 2012 a local outlet called Home Brews and Gardens. The shop was loved by local patrons but owner Dennis O’Connor realized that he liked making beer a lot more than he did selling supplies to do so. He teamed up with avid home brewers and fellow San Diego natives Dan Carrico and Eric O’Connor to start the project that would transform the former local home brew shop into Thorn Street Brewery. The renovated space has been transformed into a beautiful tasting room with a 7 barrel brew house in a large open naturally lit back room. Local designer Pat Wilkening (Red Craft Custom Design) has been instrumental in the creative development of the property and has created something truly unique in the neighborhood. (Source:

Beers like—stout, coffee stout and strong ale—offered more diversity, but were universally dull, flavor-wise. The strong ale tasted a bit boozy and sweet and the stout was roasty but a bit thin while the coffee-infused version of that variety packed more flavor but tasted more like chocolate milk than java. Overall the beer isn’t bad. It’s just unremarkable. (Source:

Thorn Street’s back room had a spacious area that houses the brewing equipment as well as its own separate bar, plus plenty of seating, tables, and upturned barrels. Toys and board games give the young-at-heart something to do while they catch up with friends or unwind from a hard day. It’s one of the nicest tasting spaces of any comparably sized brewing company in the county. It is a warm, fun social hub with a lot to offer. Add exceptional beer and there’s little more a craft beer fan could desire. It is their sincere hope that their hard work will result in a place that people can truly feel cozy and welcome in.

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