Canadian Club Whiskey Factory Tours near Detroit (Windsor)

In December of 2009, I visited the Canadian Club Heritage Center in Windsor, Ontaria, just across the river from Detroit, Michigan where my father lives.  As someone who has visited Detroit often, I was quite surprised to find such a wonderful exhibit so under-promoted in the Detroit area.  I half expected the place to be closed, but when we arrived there, we were one of a handful of people to take the tour.

The highlight was the history of prohibition, as Detroit was one of the primary places where liquor was smuggled across from Canada (where liquor was still legal) and then brought to Chicago by the mob.  As such, there was a lot of colorful history of that time, like this woman, who had a convenient hiding place for her liquor.

Of course, we also saw their various brands of whiskey.  Apparently, they are very popular in Japan.  And I hadn’t drawn the connection between the popular “CC & Coke” (though not quite as popular as a Jack and Coke) and Canadian Club, the brand.

Our $5 tour price included a tasting of 3 whiskeys.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember them now, but for the purposes of this blog post, I bought a bottle (also to thank them for the hospitality) and here are my brief notes on the below bottle…

[ to be added...must by bottle! :) ]