Costco’s Speyburn 10 Year beats Trader Joe’s Speyburn Bradan Orach in blind taste test

Recently, I bought at bottle of Speyburn Bradan Orach at Trader Joe’s for $15, while Joey bought at 1.5 Liter bottle (!!!) of Speyburn 10 year at Costco.  Naturally, the thing to do would be to conduct a blind taste test as to which is better.


Speyburn Whiskey - Trader Joes vs Costco

The verdict:

Costco’s Speyburn 10 year won handily.  According to Joey, the Bradan Orach was  light and fruity.  The 10 year had more of a smell and was smokier and much fuller.    I agreed.  The 10 year was much better and fuller with a more complex taste.  The Bradan Orach had a poor finish.

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  • Tim

    Nice site! Like you I am a California beach dweller and a long time whisky nut…mostly Scotch, some Japanese, and a little Irish. On your next trip to Trader Joe’s look for their house bottling called “Trader Joe’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey.” Only $20 and I was pleasantly surprised. I’d be interested in your thoughts.


    Ventura, CA

    • ravi

      I’ll definitely keep my eye out for that. thanks for the tip!