Redemption Rye Compared to Wild Turkey Rye


I had some friends over the other night and we tasted 2 rye whiskeys: Wild Turkey Rye and Redemption Rye (~$27 at Beverage Warehouse in the Marina).  Which one did people like more?

Mark P: The Wild Turkey blows up in your mouth.  I’m biased against the sweetness, as I like the rye better than normal Wild Turkey, which is too sweet.  I like them both, but for completely different reasons.  Wild turkey is like jalapeno peppers…I’m kinda sensitive to spice, so I prefer the smoother finish of Redemption.

Joey: I would rate them the same.  Redemption is a bit more of a typical rye and more complex, but I’d drink both for different occasions.  I’m still on the hunt for a top rye.

Mike:  Wild Turkey is sweet, but nowhere near American Honey (his favorite, and one of the sweetest whiskeys I’ve ever had.  It has some harshness… I need more context.

Ravi: I suppose it does depend on what you’re in the mood for or what your taste buds like.  I’d agree with Joey that they are about the same, but good for different reasons.  They both have that full rye taste.  The sweetness of Wild Turkey is an interesting contrast in a rye, but Redemption is perhaps the more adult taste.  I’ll give Redemption 65/100 points, the same as I gave Wild Turkey.  They’re both solid whiskeys.

- Ravi

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