“Produced and Bottled By” says Keith Wallace

The reason I noted in my last post that the Cakebread Cellars and the Bodega Norton bottles were both “produced and bottled by” their respective vineyards was due to an interview on National Public Radio in November of 2009.  NPR had a short interview with Keith Wallace who founded the Wine School of Philadelphia and who had written an article entitled “How Wine Became Like Fast Food.”  During the interview, Michele Norris asked Wallace how wine is produced in the States.  He revealed that 80 to 90% of all wine sold in the US is not coming from actual wineries but from large factories.

If it is made by an actual winery, the words “produced and bottled by” will be written on the label: “…If it says produced and bottled by in tiny – it’ll be tiny lettering, that wine is actually made by a real winery.  But if it says something like vinted and bottled by or cellared and bottled by, that is not made by the winery on the label.”


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