Fog’s End Monterey Rye tastes like a Rum

Joey and I tried this new “Monterey Rye” from Fog’s End from Beverage Warehouse, which always has interesting rye whiskeys.  Interestingly, I actually went there to pick up a bottle of Wild Turkey Rye, but they were sold out as apparently there is a rye whiskey shortage.  I better stock up!


Somewhere between a Whiskey and a Rum

The verdict?  Both Joey and I were a bit surprised by this one.  It hits you up front and it doesn’t have the long tasty finish that we expect from a Rye.  Joey felt that it had a lot of vanilla and it was a bit sweet for me.  I don’t think either of us would have chosen it as our favorite whiskey.

However, upon inspecting the bottle more, it was apparent that the whiskey is made only partly from rye and is partly made from sugar.  As a result, it might be more appropriate to call it a monterey rye whiskey/rum blend and when put in that context it makes much more sense.  Our initial distaste was largely because we thought it would be more whiskey-like and if I think of it like a Zacapa, a rum I like to sip, but with a rye taste as well, then it’s a really interesting idea.  It’s got aRum-like sweetness to it, but a whiskey-like strength.  I still wish the finish was longer, but I’m definitely glad I picked up a bottle and would recommend it to others for it’s uniqueness.  It’s only ~$25 a bottle too and maybe some day we can visit their distillery in Salinas.

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