Laguvulin 16 Review

My friends Mike & Kelly were kind enough to buy me a bottle of Laguvulin 16 year old scotch for helping him move and while I tried to explain how helping them was it’s own reward, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, so I accepted the bottle.   Thanks Mike & Kelly!

As whiskeys go, Laguvulin 16 is right up there with our favorites.  I just had a few glasses with Joey and we both agreed that it is in the highest class of whiskeys that we drink, right up there with Ardbeg and Oban (Joey’s favorites).  While it isn’t as classically smokey as Ardbeg, it has a classic complexity that is immediately appreciable.  Joey remarked that it has a “leather/wood taste that ends in a campfire” which might not sound tasty, unless you know Joey and realize that statement for the compliment it is.  The “je ne sais quoi” of the yumminess is admirable and keeps you wanting more, if only to figure out the “quoi” after all.  It’s a great drink.  I’d give it an 85/100, which is the top rating I’ve given out so far.  It’s a $60 bottle of whiskey, but well worth it.

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