Irish Whiskey Comparison – Tyrconnell, Feckin, Kilbeggan, Clontarf, Jamesons, & Bushmills

Who wants to go to be packed into an Irish bar when you have plenty of Irish whiskey in your cabinet?  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to buy a number of basic Irish whiskeys and see which one we liked best.  Below are our tasting notes and at the end are our recommendations.


First up was Tyrconnell, a single malt which came with it’s own cool indented glasses.

Joey:  …sweet start.  Leather taste. Lacks a complex finish.  A Burn
without flavor.  Smoke leather taste.

Ravi:  Decent start, but I don’t like the finish,…too smooth for me.  I’d give it a 35 on my scale, similar to Jamesons

Arwin: I don’t like it.  It makes me sick to my stomach. (Note: Arwin doesn’t like whiskey in general and might have a similar comment to make about any whiskey :)).

Mark: “The tyrconnell”..anything with a ‘the’  in the name is good. (except people who say “the” Ohio State University).  I like single malts.  different level of complexity.  It feels like it has a little bit of everything,  A hint of smokiness.  A really nice bold…a medium of everything.  A tinge smokey.

Next up was Feckin.

MM:  ”Nostril inflamatory”…  pleasant taste and then burns my mouth, which is good.  Looks clear, very light.  It was stimulating my teeth.

Joey:  Vanilla in my mouth at start.  Definitely better than Tyrconnel.
More complexity.

Ravi:  Bolder start.  Not smokey like I like it, but decent.  I’d give it a 58….don’t like it as much in subsequent sips as I get used to it and it loses its

Arwin:  good smell, bad taste

Mark: I like the name and crooked label.  Nothing smooth about it. About as smooth as a shotgun blast, which is fine.  Likes it because of the name…freaking cool to look at and think about.


Ravi: Smooth start.  Finish ok.  Not bad.  Not great.  Not enough
taste to be a prime choice of mine….48/100.

Joey: On the smoother side.  Agrees with Ravi.  Some
oak….confirmed by label that says “gently matured in oak casks”…cherry

Mark:  Unusual ot find something that is sweet and smoky at the same
time.  Best intro whiskey for non-whiskey drinkers.

Arwin (a non-whiskey drinker, responding to Mark’s comment): It’s the best one yet.  Not bitter, but it has a sharp…flavor.  more mild than the other two I tried, but it still burns going down.


Ravi: Bolder Start.  Not much finish.  2nd favorite to Feckin as it’s  bolder, but not quite as bold a finish. 53/100

Arwin and Jane smell Butterscotch.  Joey agrees.

Mark:  another crooked label..  The youngest.  1998.  but they claim they
use things from the 10th century. definitely not sweet.  Quick taste.  Dissapears in your mouth like a pop rock.  Interesting whiskey..very

Dharma the cat: meow..tries to snatch from Mark.


MM – slightly stronger than the feckin  Likes it better than the Feckin as a result.

Ravi – smooth..I can see why it’s popular, but I prefer something with
fuller taste.


Mark – distinctive smell…doesn’t smell good…It has an “I don’t give a damn”
smell.  Hits every bit of your mouth that you might expect.  A little bit of sweetness…full…smooth.  doesn’t blow the back of your head off.  Best of the night.  Solid whiskey taste.

Ravi likes the full taste.  An old favorite. 55/100.

MM: smells more severe…more savage.

Arwin: the most normal taste.

The winner for each of us?

Jen sharp – I liked the Feckin…it was smoother and richer.  It felt like smooth and rich and very well rounded.
Ravi voted Feckin, but Bushmills was close.  May be biased by the name.  I’ll probably keep Bushmills around as my stock Irish Whiskey especially since it’s so cheap at CVS usually.  In general, I learned that I prefer Scotch to Irish Whiskey.
Joey Feckin and Bushmills tied for lead.

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