Tequila Revolucion: Reposado, Anejo, Blanco

I tried different varieties of tequilas recommended by a bartender at Mayaheul on Adams Street in Normal Heights, San Diego. First was the Revolution Reposado. It was good and perhaps a poor mans whiskey.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong to try to recreate smokiness in a tequila.  So next, I asked for something interesting and got the Orgullo Anejo which has lots of tastes in it and layers. There were changes with each sip.  It was definitely interesting and an experience. Still, I had the idea that I’m not experiencing intrinsic goodness of tequila and I asked the bartender. I was told that true tequila drinkers drink Blancos.  He gave me a sample of Fortaleza and I can see the rawness and appreciated it,  just like I like neat scotches. Maybe I need to order Blanco tequilas to taste the plant better.

Tequila Revolucion prides themselves in selecting 7-9 year Blue Weber Agave and baking the pinas in traditional brick ovens. The resulting liquid is fermented and then given a double-distillation process. The bottle has two interesting features: first, an engraving of two pistols; second, 45ml markers on the bottle so that pouring can be precisely measured. (This latter is a bit baffling to us–how do you use the markers while pouring?) According to the write-up in The Tasting Panel Magazine (May 2012), the brand was founded by Juan Carlos Arav Fortique in 1995 based upon the “best raw ingredients” for a product that would “rebel against the ordinary.” (Source: http://www.proof66.com/tequila/revolucion-reposado-tequila.html)

Tequila Revolucion Repsoado is rested (or “reposado”) in oak for 10 months prior to bottling, imparting a light color and flavor to the normally clear spirit. 10 months is a bit longer than the standard 6-month aging for most reposado tequilas. In another unusual move, the barrels are selected only from those that have previously held tequila (where many oak barrels will be ex-bourbon barrels). They suggest looking for a hint of butterscotch with the more familiar tequila flavor notes of vanilla, honey, and oak. (Source: http://www.proof66.com/tequila/revolucion-reposado-tequila.html)

Tequila Revolucion Anejo aged for 18 months in oak which they are careful to ensure previously held tequila (many tequilas are aged in ex-bourbon barrels or similar). This is also a bit longer than the standard 12-month aging process required for the anejo designation. They describe their anejo as “rich and complex” and recommend it for sipping neat in a snifter. (Source: http://www.proof66.com/tequila/revolucion-anejo-tequila.html)

The Blanco has a mild nose of citrus, herbs and raw agave that reminds of Siete Leguas blanco but dialed down. Once in the mouth, it’s a bit watery. The taste is relatively unoffensive, but what you remember is a strange astringency at the back of your throat and top palate that lingers unpleasantly. Unfortunately, this is carried through the line and is particularly strong in the reposado. (Source: http://tastetequila.com/2011/you-say-your-want-a-revolucion-too-bad-this-tequila-isnt-worth-fighting-for/)