Belching Beaver Brewery, truly great beer

I was visiting San Diego recently and decided to try some beers at the Belching Beaver Brewery.  I sampled a number of beers. First was blushing IPA. It was just ok, drinkable and rated as 6. Next was Hop highway IPA and was rated as 7 for having nice hops. Rabid rye IPA was the last and it was very good and had a subtle rye, good for an 8 rate.

Belching Beaver does not brew good beer. We brew truly great beer. Currently, we are crafting 7 distinct beers year-round that range from pale ale to stout, which are sure to please anyone’s tastes. Our first priority is using quality ingredients to create the beer recipes at our microbrewery. (Source:

If you’re a beer advocate, and love small intimate tasting rooms with good beers this is the place to go. Their small tasters are awesome. Good beer at a reasonable price. Open, clean, well lit with simple design. Although their beers are limited only to their own, they have a huge variety of styles, different treatments and you can choose between flights, half pours and pints depending on your mood. Plus their pints have killer prices.

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