Whiskey Fact: Not one barrel is the same.

whiskeybarrelsMalt whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley which is still prepared and distilled using traditional methods, but on a very large scale. Variations such as the climate or type of the barrel’s oak that the whiskey is aged in, can influence the character of the whiskey.

Due to the many factors that influences a whiskey’s character, nearly all the bottles that you see in the market are made from mixing different whiskies together to achieve that one consistent taste.

It is impossible to get a barrel that will fit the brand’s flavor right away because no two individual barrels will ever be the same. To achieve a brand’s taste, it requires a blend of whiskies from many different barrels and this is where a master blender comes in.

A master blender is a person at the distillery who will taste the whiskies from the barrels, before proceeding to mix them to create a taste consistent with the brand’s flavor profile. This is why your favorite whiskey brand tastes the same from bottle to bottle!

Whiskey Fact: A single malt whiskey is NOT a product of a single barrel.

20120209singlemaltvsblendwhisky-thumb-625xauto-217393Single and blended – We see these two words on bottles so often that it leads us to having the misconception that a single malt whiskey, is a whiskey made from a single barrel and a blended whiskey, is a blend of many other whiskies. In fact, a single malt whiskey is actually a blend of other whiskies.

So if both are blends, then what is the difference?

A single malt whiskey is the end product with blended whiskies from a SINGLE distillery, whereas a blended whiskey is a blend of malt and grain whiskies from MULTIPLE distilleries.

For example, a bottle of Glenlivet 12 Year Old single malt Scotch whiskey is a mixture of whiskies made from one distillery. On the other hand, a bottle of Dewar’s 12 Year Old Blended Scotch whiskey can contain a mixture of different whiskies from thirty different distilleries.

Stay tuned for more whiskey facts!

Rowan’s Creek


Rowan’s Creek

Overall Rating: 8/10

Taste: Solid; Not Too Sweet


On my way to Jack Frys in Louisville, I had to get myself a bourbon and I wanted something unique. I popped by a bar and the bartender recommended a glass of Rowan’s Creek, as it was not too sweet nor boozy because I had a drive ahead of me.

I’m not sure whether it was the bourbon itself, or the fact that I was drinking it in Louisville instead of LA, it was really good! It tasted quite solid and wasn’t too sweet although I felt that it lacked a bit of character, but I really enjoyed it!

1792 Old Town Bourbon


1792 Old Town Bourbon

Overall Rating: 7/10

Taste: Solid; Well Balanced; Sweet



I passed through Louisville with the idea of getting to Kentucky to try bourbons that were only available there. I picked out the 1792 Old Town Bourbon which can only be found in a particular liquor store in that area.

This bottle of 1792 Old Town Bourbon, has won many accolades and medals from spirit competitions throughout the years. I shared a glass with my wife’s uncle and he found that it doesn’t taste as smoky as most whiskeys do, not overwhelming and also quite well balanced.

I found the whiskey rather solid, a little boring but easy to drink and also a bit too sweet for my taste buds.