Austrian Beer Test: Gösser vs. Stieglitz

So Timo, Lucy and I did a blind taste test on 3 different Austrian beers. On the picture you can see Lucy in action.

Our Reviews:


Beer no. 1- According to Lucy it was nice, stronger compared to American brands with honey.

Beer no. 2- Lucy thought it had a very similar taste.

Beer no. 3- Grosser but lighter.

Lucy liked beer no.1 best among the 3.



Beer no. 1 and 2 are smoother than Beer no. 3. I found all 3 brands good but like Beer no. 3 best as it was the tastiest. I liked beer no. 2 better than beer no. 1 as it had a nicer taste maybe because it was a different brand.



Timo found beer no. 2 sweet tasting, but beer no.3 was bitter and beer no. 1 was in between. He liked all 3 brands but liked number 2 best.

Brands we tested were:

Beer No. 1- Stieglitz Gold

Beer No. 2- Gösser, the main brand of Göss brewery which is one of the largest and most popular breweries in Austria.

and Beer No. 3- Stieglitz Pils



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